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Dorinda Walker is both a mystery and a genius. The mystery is that she was able                               to transcend all of the obstacles that normally function as barriers to achievement                             and success. She was born into circumstances that gave her every reason to fail                                 but refused to do so. The genius is that she navigated the turbulence of a                                           troubled young life and used every negative experience as preparation and                                       training for major corporate success. Now she shares the intimate details by                                       exposing the details of her story to the world. And the moral of the amazing story                             is this...if Dorinda Walker can do what she had one, anyone can do anything!

– Dr. Deforest B. Soaries, Jr.

Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens

I find myself speaking of Dorinda in so many conversations because she is Inspiring. She empowers women and their platforms everywhere. She is a true testament to what integrity, resilience, leadership and kindness is!

– Jacquelyn Aluotto

CEO Pick It Up Productions,

Founder Real Beauty, Real Women

My entire audience was moved by Dorinda’s warmth and transparency. The young women in the audience truly felt safe and inspired by her story and her presence. I pray that part of Dorinda’s mission will be to speak into the lives of young women!

 Sharon Addison

CEO Addison Media Group 

We recently had Dorinda speak on a panel at our conference. Months later, women are still talking about the power of her story. She delivered her message with passion and conviction that inspired the entire room to put all excuses aside in order to pursue purpose. We can't wait to have her back!

– Sybil Amuti & Brandice Daniel

CEO and Founders of The Great Girlfriends

I Don't think that I know anyone more inspiring than Dorinda! It is truly empowering to see her live her truth and share her journey. I believe that her story is one that will help young people all over the world. Despite the challenges she faced growing up, she dreamed of being more. Not only did she work hard to get there, she is a woman who gives back to her community and works with integrity.

– Yvonne McNair

President, Captivate Marketing Group

“We heard from so many of our inaugural event attendees that they were inspired by Dorinda’s heartfelt sharing of her unbelievable story from abandoned, abused and drug dealing teen to a beloved mother,  wife, motivational speaker and successful corporate executive. We’re excited to continue featuring her amazing book as part of Los Tweens & Teens events and content moving forward.”

 Cristy Clavijo-Kish

 Founder & Co-Publisher,

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