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From drug dealer, multiple suicide attempts, and no self-worth, Dorinda has transformed into an acclaimed author, highly praised businesswoman, coach, and influencer. From chaos and dysfunction to peace and purpose, Dorinda Walker is fast becoming a celebrated writer, empowerment speaker,, and advocate for positive change. She's now on a mission to transform the lives of many seeking to live a life of purpose as a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker!


Having earned the reputation of being a change agent and visionary, Walker is a multiple award-winning multicultural marketer, cultural strategist, and community advocate. In sharing her journey to success, she has also earned the reputation of being a motivating empowerment speaker, deemed an inspirational warrior, and champion for change, earning numerous honors and recognition for leadership, impact, community advocacy, and empowering women and diverse communities. 


​In her first book, Protected by Purpose, she revealed her painful childhood experiences, triumphs, and the life lessons that led her to embrace the journey from broken pieces to owning her power as an empowered woman. In developing a passion for storytelling, Dorinda is now a fiction writer, releasing her first fiction book, Love & Havoc. Her mission is to tell stories that help people gain perspective on how to tackle traumatic issues that many live with today, from being born into a dysfunctional family, addiction, mental illness, domestic violence, and overcoming low self-esteem. 

Her goal is to offer readers a deep understanding of how to turn tragedies into triumphs with love, faith, and forgiveness. She wants readers to know that they can empower themselves to not only survive but go on to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams with a distinct purpose!

"I love that Dorinda is the kind of leader who is unapologetic about using her platform and spotlight to bring awareness to things that many people are uneasy about like HIV/Aids and Sex Trafficking, Drug Abuse, Addiction. Bless you for not being an average corporate executive unafraid to "touch" real issues."

– Dee C. Marshall

Coach, Author, Speaker, TV Lifestyle Personality

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